Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Android O Google's next OS is here!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Say hello to Android O

It’s almost exactly a year ago, that Google announced the developer preview of Android N and for the second year in a row, Google took the wraps off of a developer preview of the next significant version of Android, “Android O (Just Spitballing here, Android Oreo?)”.

Google isn’t yet telling everything that’s coming in O, and the large developer documentation is still on lockdown, but we do have a number of new features to go over.

As we all know, the first developer preview is not going to be that much stable. Google’s blog post mentions that ”it’s early days, there are still plenty of stabilization and performance work ahead of us. But it’s booting.”

The marquee feature is meant to address an eternal smartphone problem: battery life.
Google’s blog posts says that Android O ”puts a big priority on improving a user’s battery life and the device’s interactive performance.” Google plans to do this by adding “automatic limits” to what apps can do in the background in “three main areas: implicit broadcast, background services, and location updates”.

Let’s discuss what implicit broadcast means in terms of background processing. “Implicit Broadcasts” are device-wide announcements that any app can listen to. In older versions of Android, these were things like “connectivity change” from LTE or Wi-Fi. Any app can sign up to receive these broadcasts and could wake up the second they happened, which is not a great idea for performance.

Google exhibited a “vision” for how background processes would work in a “future release” of Android during its background processing talk at I/O 2016. All implicit broadcasts were shut off, and apps would have to totally rely on job scheduler. Doing this to everything would break a lot of apps, so the proposed change would happen only for apps that “target” the new release. “Targeting” a release of Android means an app is aware of Android features up to that release and would be signing up for new APIs and background restrictions.

Adaptive Icons

Adaptive icons display in a variety of shapes across different device models.

The idea is to have your unique icon in the centre of a variable shape, with a background image that can be cut several different ways. This new type of icon will work pretty much everywhere you see an icon-on the launcher, shortcuts, settings sharing dialogues, and the overview screen-and system animation will be correctly applied to the variable shape.

Notification Channels

Notification channels let users control your app's notification categories

Android has been the expert when it comes to tweaking the notification system. The big change is that apps can "group" their notifications into categories called channels.

Channels let developers give users fine-grained, control over different kinds of notifications-users can block or change the behavior of each channel individually, rather than managing all of the app’s notifications together.

Tons of new features:

Autofill APIs: 

Android users already depend on a range of password managers to autofill login details and repetitive information, which makes setting up new apps or placing transactions easier. Users can select an autofill app, similar to the way they select a keyboard app. The autofill app stores and secures the data, such as addresses, user names, and even passwords.

Wide gamut color support for apps:

Android developers of imaging apps can now take advantage of new devices that have a wide-gamut color capable display. To display wide gamut images, apps will need to enable a flag in their manifest (per activity) and load bitmaps with an embedded wide color profile (AdobeRGB, Pro Photo RGB, DCI-P3, etc.).

Font resources in XML:

Fonts are now a fully supported resource type in Android O. Apps can now use fonts in XML layouts as well as define font families in XML-declaring the font style and weight along with the font files.

WebView enhancements:

In Android Nougat there was an optional multiprocess mode for WebView that moved the handling of web content into an isolated process. In Android O, multiprocess mode stays on by default and also developers will get crash handling in Android O for enhanced security and improved app stability.

If you want to give it a try on your phone you can download a preview from here.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Android Gmail's new feature now let's you send and request for money

As of now we can already reliably and safely share photos and files on the go with Gmail. Google announced on tuesday that Google wallet is now integrated with Gmail app for android, presenting an easy way for you to send and request money. This feature can be used to exchange money with anyone, even those who don't have a gmail address.

"Whether you're splitting a dinner-bill or planning a group trip, you now have a fee-free way to work out the details and settle up without ever leaving Gmail app on Android", Google product manager Sam Kansara wrote in a blog post.

Once you've received the latest update, you'll be able to send and request money within the gmail compose screen.

To send or request money in Gmail on android:

  • Open Gmail and tap the compose button in the bottom the right corner.
  • Tap the paper clip button in the upper right corner.
  • In the dropdown menu, Select Send money or Request money.
  • Enter a dollar amount and hit continue.
    • If you don't have any payment method set up in your Google Wallet account, you'll be prompted to add a debit card before processing. Tap add Debit Card, enter all the required information and tap save.
  • Add a memo for what the payment is for, such as pizza, coffee or rent.
  • Tap attach money.
Since this is just an attachment to an email, you can add a recipient, subject and a message in the email body either before or after attaching the payment or money request. The recipient doesn't need to be a Gmail user or have a Google wallet account to receive funds.

Money sent to Gmail address will be deposited directly into the recipient's Google wallet account. Google even mentions that those with a Gmail account will have the option to have funds transferred straight to their bank account, free of charge.

After the email has been sent, you and the recipient will both receive an email confirmation from Google wallet containing the amount, the payment method, the recipient, the memo and the transaction ID.

At this point, the feature is only available in the U.S. via Gmail Android or the web.

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Friday, 3 March 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 What we know so far...

After the major disappointment of Samsung's galaxy note 7, Samsung is all set to unwrap it's upcoming Galaxy S8, a new high-end flagship in their Galaxy S series.

Earlier this weekend we witnessed a Samsung-shaped hole in the new group of phones that we saw at Mobile World Congress. That's because Samsung didn't announce any new flagship devices.

Instead of that, they introduced a tablet and a two-in-one, and added on the disappointment by teasing with the video showing the launch of S8 event taking place March 29 in New York. Global launch of these devices will occur on April 21st.

According to recently leaked images which shows the smartphones in it's fullness. It is safe to say that Galaxy S8 might sport glass build, just like it's last two predecessors S6 and S7. Also might show some minimalist bezels. So much of the space might be taken up by the elegant display.
If the rumours are correct samsung will ditch the home button from the smartphone and also the proprietary logo of the company from the front.

S8 Specs
According to recent leaks, the display on the standard Galaxy S8 will measure 5.8 inches QHD+ (2560 x 1440 pixels) Super AMOLED display, 4GB of RAM, IP68 dust and water resistance, 12-megapixel dual-pixel camera, 8-megapixel front-facing camera, an iris scanner, 64GB of expandable memory, Samsung Pay, support for wireless charging and included earphones tuned by AKG.

Now we are in the final stages of the leaks before Samsung unveil the devices to the world. The latest of all has come from the GeekBench.
Samsung has reportedly started production for about 10 million units. Also they are manufacturing 4.7 million units of the Galaxy S8 which will be furbished to 7.8 million by April.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs regarding Samsung Galaxy S8's trademark infinity display and also the DeX feature.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Major 'Pokémon GO' update is finally here but it might not be awesome as you think!!!

Pokémon trainers around the world, this is a big moment in Pokémon history itself.

An update has been released to hit augmented reality game Pokémon GO. This game is only 3 weeks old and has started to receive it's biggest update yet.

The update 0.31.0 has started to roll out for both android and iOS. Now this update does bring some major improvements in the game. Should I call it improvements or declines I haven't decided it yet...

New updatelog looks like this:-

  • Update has allowed players to re-customize their avatars, even after creation...
  • For those who loves to do gym battles, Damage Per Second (DPS) have been completely revived, will make battles even more exciting. Check out this new updated DPS section.
Now let's talk about the most controversial modification in this game, that some of you might not like...

  • The "nearby" pane seems to have removed the 'steps' tracker which allows users to identify the nearby pokemons according to the number of steps.

That means that "nearby" tracker is still operative but now it is not possible to figure out how far away a pokemon really is...

The desertion of the footprint feature has left pokemon players around the world very frustrated. Also this is a essential part of the game and no wonder players are still wondering why would Niantic remove this feature rather than fixing it?

Some of the players found their progress level had been reset back to 1!!!

"Absolutely NO communication at all with the community", one reddit user wrote, "Several bugs, which they fix by REMOVING FEATURES. They saw decline in players after the 3 step bug happened, why would this fix it?".

Let us know in the comment down below what do you think about this new update...

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Google Maps' Multi Stop Feature Rolling Out For iOS

Recently Google announced that Google Maps and Google Earth have been updated with new high-resolution imagery from the Landsat 8 satelite.

View Of New York City (Comparison of Before and after LandSat 8 Update)

Now Google is rolling out it's latest feature multi-stop (already available for android users), iOS users can also take advantage of this feature. After Google announced the update for iOS just few days ago.

Those who are planning to go on multiple destinations in their summers can certainly take advantage of this new feature. It's quite handy and easy to use. Here's how it works:-

  • Open the Maps. Enter your desired destination.
  • Tap the corner menu and then tap "Add Stop".
  • To rearrange the order of your stops, tap and hold the stop you want to move and drag it to the position you want.
  • Once you've added all your stops tap "Done" and your multi-stop route is complete.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Google Introduces Android add-ons for Docs and Sheets...

Google has announced add-ons for its office applications - Docs and Sheets for Android Devices.Now, that power is really is coming to android. These new third-party add-ons expands on what the browser-based word processor or spreadsheet could do.

There are only a handful of add-ons so far for Docs and Sheets on Android, but they really are a useful bunch.
DocuSign lets you easily create signature envelopes right from Google Docs.
These add-ons are available directly for download from Google play.  Through these add-ons we'll have the ability to sign documents and save them directly to docs. Also we can import CRM data to create graphs and stuff.

Google has integrated with several partners for the inital set of add-ons like Scanbot that will let you scan pages and create editable text. Various other add-ons like Easybib, ZohoCRM, PandaDoc and Teacher Aide, and also Google Classroom.

One of the add-ons that caught my eye is AppSheet, that lets you create apps without actually doing any sort of coding whatsoever. Also ProsperWorks can be used to create and update reports, graphs, dashboards straight into your sheets.

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Woah!! Whatsapp chats aren't permanently removed!!!

If you're a whatsapp user with an iPhone, your chats might not be secure as you think...

Whatsapp chat logs remains on your phone even after you've deleted them, according to a new research published by iOS expert Jonathan Zdziarski.

"I installed the app and started a few different threads" Zdziarski wrote in a blog post. "I then archived some, cleared, some, and deleted some, cleared, some, and deleted some threads. I made a second backup after running the Clear all chats function in Whatsapp. None of these deletion or archival options made any difference in how deleted records were preserved. In all cases, the deleted records were preserved. In all cases, the deleted SQLite records remained intact in the database."

It looks like that only way to get rid of them entirely is to remove the app from the phone...

Even after all this fuss whatsapp did not respond to a request for comment...

However, Whatsapp certainly isn't the only messaging application with this problem:Zdziarski noted that the issue exists with iMessage as well.

If you want to secure your chats and messages even more, you can always disable iCloud and desktop backups, and then uninstall Whatsapp every few weeks. It's quite a tedious task, but it's the best way to ensure that the app's database and your messages are being deleted for good...

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Android O Google's next OS is here!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Say hello to Android O … It’s almost exactly a year ago, that Google announced the developer preview of And...